Five Facts About Our Art Collector Part II

Five Facts About Our Art Collector Part II

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Capture the elegance and romance of the old world with the second instalment of our debut collection, The Art Collector. Here are five facts about the pieces that will instantly bring out your inner beauty.

1. Inspired by the Picasso Cubism movement.

I have been painting and creating for as long as I can remember and Picasso has long been an inspiration to me. He changed the way people looked and created art. Art became less about painting what you see and more about painting how you feel. 

2. Cast in 100% recycled solid gold and sterling sliver. 

Our jewellery brings together contemporary practices that come with technology advancement while respecting traditional jewellery making techniques. Our designs are 3D printed and turned into moulds for lost wax casting. They are then cast in 100% recycled solid 9 carat gold and sterling silver. 
This also means that all pieces are water and tarnish resistant. They will live much longer than their plated and vermeil counterparts. 

3. Dedicated to Picasso's female muses. 

During my exploration of Picasso I discovered the many muses who influenced some of his most iconic pieces like The Weeping Woman. However, they were more than muses, they were forces in the art world themselves.

As a fellow female artist I want to celebrate them. Elso Collective’s designs echo the art movements pioneered by Picasso but are inspired by his trailblazing female muses.

Each piece of Elso is named after Picasso’s muses because they are my true inspiration.

4. All pieces are made in Melbourne.

Elso Jewellery’s designs are brought to life by our team of supports and artisans. We only work with fellow small businesses who share our vision of conscious consuming and have carefully chosen suppliers that appreciate 100% transparency like we do.
The second instalment of the Art Collector is cast by our small team of jewellers and our pendants are handmade by our founder in Melbourne.

5. Chrysoprase stones sourced from a family business in Coober Pedy. 

The beautiful Chrysoprase stones are sourced directly from a small family mine in Coober Pedy.

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