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It's Nice to Meet You Dora

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"Elso Ceramics began as ways to express my creative energy and to help with my anxiety. I find that when I work with my hands it is the only time I can shut off my mind. Creating art is something I truly love and my ultimate goal in life is to wake up doing what I love. That is how and why Elso Ceramics." - Elena, Founder

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My Inspiration

I have been painting and creating for as long as I can remember and Picasso has long been an inspiration to me. He changed the way people looked and created art. Art became less about painting what you see and more about painting how you feel.

During my exploration of Picasso I discovered the many muses who influenced some of his most iconic pieces like The Weeping Woman. However, they were more than muses, they were forces in the art world themselves.

As a fellow female artist I want to celebrate them. 

Each piece of Elso is named after Picasso’s muses because they are my true inspiration. 



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