As with all jewellery, taking the right precautions and caring for your pieces will ensure your jewels are kept looking their best. You should make sure that your jewellery is properly cleaned, polished and stored. 

Care Instructions

  • Our pieces are delicate in nature, we recommend taking care when wearing them. Avoid scratching and knocking them against other jewellery and hard surfaces.
  • Always protect your jewellery from harsh chemicals, creams, cosmetics and perfumes to minimise damage or wear. 
  • We recommend you remove jewellery when sleeping, swimming, exercising and hand washing. 
  • Regularly clean your pieces to maintain their shine. We recommend using our Gold and Silver Polish cloths we include in each order. 


  • To protect your pieces they should be stored in their individual boxes.
  • Ideally keep your jewellery in dark, cool and dry places.