Elso Collective is committed to being a pioneer of conscious consuming.


9k Solid Gold

You deserve to wear the best jewellery for a lifetime. 9ct yellow gold is not just an investment in your jewellery - it's also about investing in yourself and celebrating who you are. That’s why we only work with solid materials, because they last up to four times longer than other types of precious metals like gold vermeil or white gold that contains mixed alloys (which can lead tarnish over time). We want our beautiful products to stay shining as long as possible so each piece is casted in 100% recycled solid 9ct yellow gold, which has a 99% lower impact on the environment than virgin gold.

Sterling Silver

We take great pride in our commitment to sustainability - not only do we source all of the sterling silver locally, but also through recycled materials.


Our delicate gold chains are sourced from a small family-owned business in Melbourne. They only use solid, non-tarnishable 9k yellow gold to handcraft pieces that will stay beautiful for years down the line. And our silver options? Well, they're made in New Zealand and sourced by another smaller company based out of Brisbane who strives to create quality products with lasting beauty at an affordable price point so you can get your hands on some good jewellery without breaking the bank!


Elso Jewellery is committed to sourcing environmentally friendly packaging for customers. Not only are our boxes FSC certified, but every package you receive from Elso Collective will be sent in 100% compostable packaging, from the mail bag to the bubble wrap and even down to the tape.


I have a longstanding love affair with clay. I use it in many different forms and colours, from raw slab to shaped vessel or sculpture. Working this abundant material always feels like coming home--it is an integral part of my artistic identity.

What really gets me going about working with clay: its earthiness! From the first time that I realised what pottery was made out of as a child (in elementary school) up until now - using only natural materials has been crucial for both personal reasons and environmental concerns; there's no waste at all when you work with such rich resources.....

Occasionally, there are some remnants left over after completing a project which can be re-hydrated into usable chunks and then used in future projects when needed - no need for binning or throwing out scraps since everything goes back into use again.

Fine Art Paper

Being able to paint on high quality paper is very important for me. It's the perfect way to accentuate my brightly pigmented acrylics and provides a beautiful finish that shows off each work of art at its best! I use 400GSM fine art paper for each piece.


We have partnered with i=change to donate $5 from every purchase to one of three charities that are close to our hearts: Protect A Woman, Post-Fire Support and Help Kids with Cancer.

i=change was created by Jeremy Meltzer to accelerate the impact of extraordinary development projects focused on empowering women and girls. He has carefully selected NGO’s that are committed to best-best-practice development.

What we love most about i=change is that we can track our impact, we can see exactly where our donations are going. 100% transparency is so important to us.

To learn more about i-=change and how you can help, click here



Elso Jewellery is a collection of high-quality, conscious products that are crafted by fellow small business owners who share our vision. We're committed to 100% transparency with all of our suppliers through the pursuit for sustainable practices in everything we do from design to production.

Our pieces are casted using lost wax casting by our small team of jewellers in Melbourne.

Our opals are sourced directly from a small family mine in Coober Peddy.

Our gold chains are made by a family business in Melbourne.

Our hoop earrings and silver chains are sourced by a family business in Brisbane.

Our packaging is made by a sustainably focused, FSC certified manufacturer in Germany.