The Purpose Behind Elso Collective

The Purpose Behind Elso Collective

Elso Collective is committed to being a pioneer of conscious consuming.

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Elso Collective is committed to being a pioneer of conscious consuming.



solid gold jewellery

9k Solid Gold
We only work with solid 9k yellow gold as we want our jewellery to last for a lifetime and more. Our gold is sourced from Australian refineries that use raw recycled materials wherever possible and minimise their impact on the environment.

Sterling Silver
Our sterling silver is tarnish-free and is sourced from local merchants and we use recycled materials wherever possible.

Our 9k yellow gold chains are made by a small family business in Melbourne. They only use solid gold to create chains that will not tarnish.
Our sterling silver chains are made in New Zealand and sourced for us by a family run business in Brisbane.

Our conscious consuming mission has driven us to source packaging that puts the environment first. Every Elso Jewellery box is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. Each online package is wrapped in 100% recycled paper and free trade cotton string. The packages are then placed in a compostable post bag with a postage label printed on 100% recycled paper.

I use a number of different types of clay. What I love most about using clay is that it comes from the earth. It is an abundant and natural material.
Any scraps are rehydrated and used to make my next piece. There is no waste at all.

Fine Art Paper
I paint each Elso Studio piece on high quality fine art paper. This paper has been sourced due to its quality. It is perfect for the acrylic paint that I use, ensuring a bright pigmented finish.


We have partnered with i=change to donate $5 from every purchase to one of three charities that are close to our hearts: Protect A Woman, Post-Fire Support and Help Kids with Cancer.

i=change was created by Jeremy Meltzer to accelerate the impact of extraordinary development projects focused on empowering women and girls. He has carefully selected NGO’s that are committed to best-best-practice development.

What we love most about i=change is that we can track our impact, we can see exactly where our donations are going. 100% transparency is so important to us.

To learn more about i-=change and how you can help, click here



solid gold jewellery

Elso Jewellery’s designs are brought to life by our team of supports and artisans. We only work with fellow small businesses who share our vision of conscious consuming and have carefully chosen suppliers that appreciate 100% transparency like we do.

Our pieces are casted using lost wax casting by our small team of jewellers in Melbourne.
Our opals are sourced directly from a small family mine in Coober Peddy.
Our gold chains are made by a family business in Melbourne.
Our hoop earrings and silver chains are sourced by a family business in Brisbane.
Our packaging is made by a sustainably focused, FSC certified manufacturer in Germany.

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