This Is How to Tell if You're Buying Real Gold

This Is How to Tell if You're Buying Real Gold

Here are a few ways to make sure you have solid gold.
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As gold jewellery has grown in popularity, so too has its imitators. There is plenty of jewellery claiming to be gold. They might look like and even feel like real gold, but there are a few tell-tale signs that sort the real from the faux. 

Here are four ways to separate the dupes from the real deal. 

4 tell-tale signs that you've bought 100% real solid gold

1. Gold-filled, vermeil and gold plated are NOT solid gold

Be wary when you come across jewellery that is gold plated, gold filled or vermeil. They are not solid gold. While some may last longer than others, at the end of the day unless it is solid gold, it will tarnish and eventually lose its golden colour.

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2. The magnet test

Real gold does not have any magnetic properties. Purchase a neodymium magnet from your local hardware store. If you have real gold or any other pressure metal, it will not adhere to the magnet. 

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3. Discolouration

Solid gold is gold all the way through. Any signs of discolouration or obvious scratches that reveal another metal beneath are a good indicator that you have gold plated jewellery and not solid gold. 

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4. Ask the experts

Sometimes it is best to get an expert to assess your piece of gold. Certified jewellers have advanced methods for separating the fakes from the real gold.

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