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This vase is part of Elena Strohfeldt's LAYERS exhibition collection showing exclusively with Honey Bones Gallery.

LAYERS is an immersive art exhibition that celebrates the unique beauty of the Australian landscape and raises awareness about the critical importance of environmental conservation. 

Each piece is handbuilt using marbled earthy-toned clay, a material that mirrors the rich and diverse geological history of Australia. These sculptures serve as metaphors for the fragile yet resilient nature of our environment. 

The concept behind this exhibition draws parallels between the artistic process and the Australian landscape itself. During the making process, layers are scraped away to reveal hidden patterns, highlighting that Australia's diverse ecosystems are often veiled by the challenges they face. I hope to remind the audience that our environment, like clay, may start out fragile but can become strong and resistant to damage when we choose to nurture and protect it. 

LAYERS aims to inspire a sense of responsibility and reverence for the Australian landscape. It underscores the idea that, just as ceramicists mould clay into enduring creations, we, too, have the power to shape the future of our environment through mindful conservation and stewardship.

This piece is one of a kind.

Material: Mixed stoneware glaze, glazed inside only. 

Dimensions: Height: 37cm | Width: 24cm (at widest part)