Lotus Vase #6 - Made to Order

Elso Collective

Lotus Vase #6 - Made to Order

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My ceramics pieces are just like you: irreplaceable and one of a kind. When it comes to spending money on art, I think we should invest in quality goods that will last a lifetime—things from the old world but also inspired by modern masters like Picasso. This is why my Lotus collection has both Ancient Roman and Modern inspirations; they’ll never go out of style!

I have named the third release "Lotus", after the lotus flower. Beauty can come from even the most difficult of times and it is only a matter of time before each and every one of us reaches our own light. 

This piece is made to order, please allow 8 weeks for creation. It will be dispatched within 2 days once finished. Each piece is unique so there will be slight variations from what is pictured.

Material: Fine Clay with a raw finish. Glazed and sealed inside, watertight.

Dimensions: Height: 23.5cm | Width: 13cm (at widest part) 

Weight: 1.9kg

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