In The Shadows #1

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In The Shadows #1

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When I started creating this series, my goal was to communicate and explore the depth and breadth of one line. The colors on either side are meant to express how thoughts can move in a positive or negative direction in your life.

I really love the balance between the colourful simplicity that these art pieces provide - there's something so satisfying about the simple shapes and colors interacting with each other! There is an immediacy to them, too - as if we're witnessing a moment in time and getting a glimpse into someone's emotional state at just that instant before it changes again. That makes this artwork perfect for capturing emotions so fleeting.

Material: Acrylic Paint on Fine Art Paper 400GSM

Colour: Black ink on white paper

Dimensions: 29.7 cm x 42 cm

Unframed and signed on the front.

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