Spending Time with Friends

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Spending Time with Friends

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This vase is part of Elena Strohfeldt's GOLD exhibition collection showing exclusively with Red Gallery. 

At first glance, "Gold" may seem like an ordinary collection of vases, each adorned with a name that reflects everyday life – "Getting Out of Bed," "Having a Shower," "Preparing Breakfast." However, this exhibition is far more than a mere display of ceramic artistry. It's a profound homage to the often overlooked struggles that many face in their daily lives.

In "Gold," each vase stands as a testament to the quiet victories that go unnoticed. In a world where achievements are often measured by grandiose accomplishments, this exhibition turns the spotlight onto the seemingly mundane. It's a recognition that for some, the simplest tasks can feel like climbing mountains. Each vase, with its unique design and name, symbolises a "gold medal" – a reward for overcoming the obstacles that make ordinary activities challenging. 

This collection is deeply personal and born from an understanding that life's journey is not the same for everyone. For those battling mental health issues, physical disabilities, or any form of personal hardship, the routine can become an uphill battle. "Gold" honours this struggle, acknowledging that sometimes, just getting through the day is a significant achievement.

This piece is one of a kind.

Material: Black Groggy Clay with Gold Crackle Glaze.

Dimensions: Height: 31cm | Width: 26cm (at widest part)